Everyone has their own ways to stir their creativity. I’m a great visualizer in which I allow my imagination to show me how to proceed.

1) What drives your creativity to write?

2) Do you have a muse or are you your own muse?

3)When you wake each morning, what are the first things you do in a routine? Mine include prayers, meditation, exercise, showering & setting my intentions for the day & being grateful.

I use these to get my creativity flowing. Disengage from the world & go within to find my peace. I use affirmations & mantras to influence my day. I start each day with gratitude. Through gratitude I am so grateful to be who I am, to know where I am going & hold onto the beauty in this world.

When you feel lost.

There are times in all lives that we feel completely lost & disconnected. Do you stop to ask: Am I lost or disconnected with myself? 9 out of 10 times it isn’t a loss of connection with other s as it is lost & disconnected with ourselves. What do we do when we’re disconnected withContinue reading “When you feel lost.”


Creativity comes to each of us in a variety of ways. Ask yourself if: 1) Are you tapped into your imagination? 2) When you first wake in the morning, Do you read any affirmations, any mantras, prayers, meditations? 3) Are you allowing visualizations into your life & what do you visualize about? 4) What areContinue reading “Creativity”


Do you ever imagine what makes up your soul? Do you know how our soul speaks to us? Not in typical language we are used to communicate with now. Signs, signals through our passions, what & who we love. No soul is like another; all are unique in their own ways. What drives us toContinue reading “IMAGINATION”

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