When you feel lost.

There are times in all lives that we feel completely lost & disconnected. Do you stop to ask: Am I lost or disconnected with myself? 9 out of 10 times it isn’t a loss of connection with other s as it is lost & disconnected with ourselves. What do we do when we’re disconnected with ourselves? Here are a couple things I do. I start journaling. Often I realize I’m bored, other times I am disconnected. The things that bring me into my center I’d God. I’m very spiritual & I connect with God, Jesus, Holy Spirit & My Angel’s. I enjoy reading & connecting with my Angel’s & Archangels. I have learned that my Archangels are Jeremiel, Uriel & Raphael. I read about them & how to connect with them. Another thing I love to do is walk into nature. Sitting in nature is a great way to connect with God & Mother Earth. I feel humbled to sit & observe in nature. I watch birds. Many Geese & ducks come to the pond near my home. At night I love to watch them come feed with their babies. It’s taking the time to spend with yourself & your passions. Ask yourself, what am I passionate about? What makes me happy? What would my soul really enjoy doing right now? Sometimes merely going on a walk will give you ideas, whether creative or imagination will spur something.

Published by deborahryan805

I am a published writer, poet. I am a spiritual soul living in a mindful place each day thru awareness & compassion. This is a place to feel uplifted, learning, growing & allowing our hearts & souls room to be who we are authentically.

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