Creativity comes to each of us in a variety of ways. Ask yourself if:

  • 1) Are you tapped into your imagination?
  • 2) When you first wake in the morning, Do you read any affirmations, any mantras, prayers, meditations?
  • 3) Are you allowing visualizations into your life & what do you visualize about?
  • 4) What are your values/virtues? Do you incorporate into your everyday life?
  • 5) Are you engaged in mindfulness each day?
  • 6) Do you keep a gratitude journal & journal each day?
  • 7) Do you have a muse or are you a muse for yourself?

Published by deborahryan805

I am a published writer, poet. I am a spiritual soul living in a mindful place each day thru awareness & compassion. This is a place to feel uplifted, learning, growing & allowing our hearts & souls room to be who we are authentically.

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