Do you ever imagine what makes up your soul? Do you know how our soul speaks to us? Not in typical language we are used to communicate with now. Signs, signals through our passions, what & who we love. No soul is like another; all are unique in their own ways. What drives us to find our soulmates? Does your soul show you physical chemistry, spiritual connections, heart strong feelings, passions you love such as writing, music, sports, hobbies? These all bring us to others to connect in a variety of ways. How you connect is vital to the kind of connection you feel. In all honesty, a first impression changes over time. For instance, if you are drawn to one physically, chances are there will not be a deep connection unless you connect in deeper ways. Your physical body is only a shell. The real “You” is as deep as you can go within your heart & soul. Your highest consciousness lives there. The way our souls communicates is through intuition, feelings/emotions, what You share with others, i.e. your connection with them. So, think how important it is to connect as deep as you can. It takes time to connect deeply.

Published by deborahryan805

I am a published writer, poet. I am a spiritual soul living in a mindful place each day thru awareness & compassion. This is a place to feel uplifted, learning, growing & allowing our hearts & souls room to be who we are authentically.

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