Who am I & Why am I here?

“Be the change you wish to see in this world”

In every life we learn that life doesn’t revolve around us.  What we choose each day is how we decide who we are, where we,’re going & how we get there.  We each have a path to walk.  I choose to walk the road less travelled.  I believe forging my own way is what makes me happy. 

I’m a spiritual soul, by nature.  I started writing when I was young.  I love journaling, whether it’s about my goals & how I achieve them.  I love gratitude to journal, writing five things each day I ‘m grateful for.  I elaborate as to why I feel grateful for that day.

I also love poetry.  Poetry is a creative way to share emotions, growing with spirit, special moments, nature, the environment & do many beautiful things that touch my heart.

I love to share feelings of parts of who I am.  I have learned that being vulnerable is the only way we can truly grow & learn about ourselves & teach others who we are.  Afterall, knowing we aren’t the only ones who go through things in life is sometimes a wonderful thing.  Sharing is a great part of life.  That’s why friendship was born.  God bless Our friends!

Make strides daily to come out of your comfort zone; accept personal challenges each day to grow.  Make plans for your goals.  Start slow with small goals; exercising is a great way for learning discipline.  Whatever you choose to do, love it as if it’s fun. Many times that’s how people find new careers, new hobbies, etc.

Published by deborahryan805

I am a published writer, poet. I am a spiritual soul living in a mindful place each day thru awareness & compassion. This is a place to feel uplifted, learning, growing & allowing our hearts & souls room to be who we are authentically.

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