When you feel lost.

There are times in all lives that we feel completely lost & disconnected. Do you stop to ask: Am I lost or disconnected with myself? 9 out of 10 times it isn’t a loss of connection with other s as it is lost & disconnected with ourselves. What do we do when we’re disconnected with ourselves? Here are a couple things I do. I start journaling. Often I realize I’m bored, other times I am disconnected. The things that bring me into my center I’d God. I’m very spiritual & I connect with God, Jesus, Holy Spirit & My Angel’s. I enjoy reading & connecting with my Angel’s & Archangels. I have learned that my Archangels are Jeremiel, Uriel & Raphael. I read about them & how to connect with them. Another thing I love to do is walk into nature. Sitting in nature is a great way to connect with God & Mother Earth. I feel humbled to sit & observe in nature. I watch birds. Many Geese & ducks come to the pond near my home. At night I love to watch them come feed with their babies. It’s taking the time to spend with yourself & your passions. Ask yourself, what am I passionate about? What makes me happy? What would my soul really enjoy doing right now? Sometimes merely going on a walk will give you ideas, whether creative or imagination will spur something.

How do you create yourself the way you’ve always desired to be?

Ask yourself leading questions:

Am I Who I Choose To Be?

What do I need to do to change myself to be my best?

Where do I Start to make changes?

When do I make these changes?

Why haven’t I tried to change these things before? What’s stopping me? If it is you that stops yourself, Stop, ask why & proceed anyway?

How will I start to make these changes?

Be the change you wish to see in this world.” (GHANDI)


Creativity comes to each of us in a variety of ways. Ask yourself if:

  • 1) Are you tapped into your imagination?
  • 2) When you first wake in the morning, Do you read any affirmations, any mantras, prayers, meditations?
  • 3) Are you allowing visualizations into your life & what do you visualize about?
  • 4) What are your values/virtues? Do you incorporate into your everyday life?
  • 5) Are you engaged in mindfulness each day?
  • 6) Do you keep a gratitude journal & journal each day?
  • 7) Do you have a muse or are you a muse for yourself?


Do you ever imagine what makes up your soul? Do you know how our soul speaks to us? Not in typical language we are used to communicate with now. Signs, signals through our passions, what & who we love. No soul is like another; all are unique in their own ways. What drives us to find our soulmates? Does your soul show you physical chemistry, spiritual connections, heart strong feelings, passions you love such as writing, music, sports, hobbies? These all bring us to others to connect in a variety of ways. How you connect is vital to the kind of connection you feel. In all honesty, a first impression changes over time. For instance, if you are drawn to one physically, chances are there will not be a deep connection unless you connect in deeper ways. Your physical body is only a shell. The real “You” is as deep as you can go within your heart & soul. Your highest consciousness lives there. The way our souls communicates is through intuition, feelings/emotions, what You share with others, i.e. your connection with them. So, think how important it is to connect as deep as you can. It takes time to connect deeply.

Who am I & Why am I here?

“Be the change you wish to see in this world”

In every life we learn that life doesn’t revolve around us.  What we choose each day is how we decide who we are, where we,’re going & how we get there.  We each have a path to walk.  I choose to walk the road less travelled.  I believe forging my own way is what makes me happy. 

I’m a spiritual soul, by nature.  I started writing when I was young.  I love journaling, whether it’s about my goals & how I achieve them.  I love gratitude to journal, writing five things each day I ‘m grateful for.  I elaborate as to why I feel grateful for that day.

I also love poetry.  Poetry is a creative way to share emotions, growing with spirit, special moments, nature, the environment & do many beautiful things that touch my heart.

I love to share feelings of parts of who I am.  I have learned that being vulnerable is the only way we can truly grow & learn about ourselves & teach others who we are.  Afterall, knowing we aren’t the only ones who go through things in life is sometimes a wonderful thing.  Sharing is a great part of life.  That’s why friendship was born.  God bless Our friends!

Make strides daily to come out of your comfort zone; accept personal challenges each day to grow.  Make plans for your goals.  Start slow with small goals; exercising is a great way for learning discipline.  Whatever you choose to do, love it as if it’s fun. Many times that’s how people find new careers, new hobbies, etc.